Map Collection Service


Old maps and atlas carried the accumulated knowledge and thoughts about territory from the ancient people by observation, literature or hearsay, thus they become one of the most important primary sources in history research. In the course of Macao Studies, the scholars invariably felt the need to explore old maps that remain scattered in varied libraries around the world and in effect encountered the obvious difficulty in using them.


Library of Macau University of Science and Technology has the largest old maps collection in Macao. Its 3000 sheets of maps which are collected from the libraries, archives and museums all over the world and more than 1000 titles of cartographic references consist a rich source of information for scholars and public users.


The following pages contain a brief guide to the Collection Service.

The Goals

  • To build a special map collection on Macao Studies;
  • To help the scholars to use the maps and advance the research on Macao Studies in the view of global history;
  • map-2.jpg
  • To cultivate the local research group on cartography materials;
  • To support the public education and cultural industries in Macao.


The Missions

  • To acquire ancient maps/atlases on Macao Studies from all over the world, by both purchasing and reproducing;
  • To conduct research on the maps/atlases;
  • To hold exhibitions and international symposiums under the same name of the project;
  • To publish a serie of high-resolution memorial albums of Global Mapping of Macao with annotations and bibliographies to support the scholars and public make use of the maps;
  • To develop an open access database of Global Mapping of Macao to support the scholars and public to use the maps.



Collection Scope

  • Geographical Scope
    • Macao city plans & views;
    • Macao and its surrondings;
    • Macao in routes, e.g, Lisbon-Goa-Macao, Macao-Nagasaki, Macao-Manila-Acapulco, Macao-Makassar-Timor, Macao-North America, etc.;
    • Macao in China maps;
    • Macao in East Indes maps;
    • Macao in Asia maps;
    • Macao in World maps;
    • Relevant areas on Macao Studies.
  • Time Scope: mainly from 1500 to 1900.
  • Language Scope
    • Western languages in first priority, including but not limited in Latin, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Catalan and so on;
    • Eastern languages also included.


On-site Service

  • Reading Room: N410, Map Collection, MUST Library;
  • More than 500 sheets of maps in physical forms, and the number keeps growing;
  • More than 1000 titles of cartographic reference materials on maps;
  • Online Catalog:, using "Advanced Search" and add the limits "Material Type : MAPS"
  • Openning hours:     Monday ~ Friday 10:00-13:00; 15:00-18:00;
                                    Closed on Public Holidays.


Online Database

  • Title: Global Mapping of Macao
  • More than 1,000 sheets of maps, and the number keeps growing
  • URL: