Self-service Printing/Copying

  1. Self-service printers are available at the Library. Parton can use the Macaupass (more than MOP10) to print, Details at web page: And details of operation and regulations are subject to updates made by the University.
  2. Users can use Macaupass (must be more than MOP10) to photocopy.


Ricoh Printer/Photocopier【Macaupass】


Printing/Photocopying Charges
(1) Black & White A4:MOP$0.30/Page
(2) Black & White A3:MOP$0.50/Page
(3) Colour A4:MOP$3.00/Page
(4) Colour A4:MOP$5.00/Page
 *Duplex (bottom) photocopy calculated on two pages.


go_s_0.GIFPrinting Manual

go_s_0.GIFPhotocopying Manual