Plagiarism Detection

I. Graduate student plagiarism detection service

For the reason of protecting the academic integrity of the university and its members, and to encourage independent thinking and innovation, any academic misconduct, especially plagiarism, is prohibited by Macau University of Science and Technology.

According to the university, the MUST Library provides a Plagiarism Detection Service. The service guide is as following:

1. The applicant should be a faculty member of MUST, which means a student should ask his/her adviser teacher to apply this service;

2. Please send the papers to the email address:

3. The paper should be in WORD format;

4. The author information should be listed, such as the author name, the faculty, and his/her campus ID number.

5. We use these following systems to detect academic misconduct,

   A. Papers in English: TurnItIn;

   B. Papers in Chinese: CNKI Academic Paper Detection System;

6. The final report will be sent to the applicant’s email as PDF file;

7. MUST Library only provides the report, while the standard of academic misconduct should be referred to the supervising division of the university.


II. Undergraduate course work and other papers plagiarism checking--Turnitin

The service guide is as following:

  1. All the faculty can use Turnitin for free
  2. Turnitin plagiarism plugin integrates with MUST Moodle assignment module
  3. Turnitin can evaluate the originality of student’s work by comparing their electronic documents to online sources and Turnitin-owned databases;
  4. Quick starts guide
  5. How to view an originality report: video


The report which is the objective result offered by the Academic Paper Detection System, should be comprehensive read and understood. If you have any question on the reports, please contact Library Reference Service via

Tel: 88972326



MUST Library

April, 8 2019