Macao Sci-Tech Information Service Center


MUST Library established the Macao Science and Technology Literature Service Center, on one hand to strengthen cooperation with famous university libraries and literature institutions in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, such as National Science and Technology Library (NSTL) and the Taiwan University, introducing advanced technologies and concepts; On the other hand to make full use of the resources from the partners to provide timely and effective literature for university education and research, as well as, to contribute with services to other universities, government departments and local researchers in Macao.

Cooperative organizations


National Science and Technology library(NSTL) is a a virtual scientific and technological literature information service agency. Included the National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NSLC), National Engineering Library, Library of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science and Library of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. NSTL responsible for organizing, coordinating and managing scientific and technological literature resources. In accordance with the needs of national science and technology development, following the principles to collect and develop scientific literature resources in the field of science, agriculture, medical science and technology.  

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MUST Library is the service center of CALIS / CASHL in Macao. And it is the first contact center established by CALIS / CASHL outside of Mainland China.Its duty is to be a bridge between CALIS / CASHL Management Center and the university libraries in Macao, and its purpose is to promote the CALIS / CASHL project to play an important role in Macao, so that the university libraries in Macao can enjoy the CALIS / CASHL resources and services faster and efficiently. At the same time, the universities in Mainland China can also share the special resources and services in Macao, all this to achieve a mutual beneficial relationship.

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CADAL pioneered the construction of massive, digitized resources across the world.

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Main Services

Reference Service、Document Delivery Service、Citation Search Service