Special Collections

Introduction and Services of Special Collection


Early cartography, Tong King Sing, Heungshan, and Macao researches are important resources to China’s East-West cultural interchange, as well as early globalization. Thus, the Macau University of Science and Technology Library (MUST Library) established the Special Collection Department in order to provide services to Macao citizens, research institutions and world-wide researchers. We sincerely welcome campus and non-campus users to access the Special Collection resources, as we strive to provide the best quality services to each and every user.


1. Introduction of the Resources

1.1 Old Maps Collection

      The MUST Library established the project “Global Mapping of Macao” (GMOM) in 2013 with the aim to collect, duplicate and purchase relevant historical maps of Macao from Institutions all over the world, and have since collected more than 7000 maps, divided into digital images, facsimiles and originals. We then organize, catalog, exhibit and publish these maps in order to provide the resources to users, both physically and digitally.

The GMOM project is research-centered, cooperation-oriented, and organizes international conferences, exhibitions, seminar papers and atlases. We cooperate with domestic and international scholars, libraries, museums, archives and other institutions. Hence, supporting the Macao research, collecting relevant Macao maps at home and abroad and providing map services to the public and researchers are our three foremost priorities.

1.2 Heungshan (Tong King Sing)

      Heungshan historical figures such as Sun Yat-Sen, Tong King Sing, Tong Mowchee, Zheng Guanying, Tang Shaoyi and Yung Wing, among others, made significant contributions to China’s modernization. Therefore, MUST established the “Research Center of Tong King Sing”, aiming to collect and organize related resources, as well as to provide literature for the relevant research. As of now, the resources include Tong King Sing’s letters and books; related documents of Tong King Sing, Li Hongzhang, Sheng Xuanhuai, et al.; Tong King Sing news articles in modern newspapers (Shun Po); Tong Mowchee documents and newspaper articles as well as Heungshan (Tongka) rare books, genealogies, deeds, rubbings, images, journals, etc. Furthermore, the databases we have also include a great deal of Heungshan research resources.

1.3 Macao Studies

    The MUST Library has always attached great importance to the collection of Macao research resources. Hence, establishing the “Macao Collection” which gathers modern publications, while cooperating to build the “Macau Image Gallery” collecting Macao photographs. Furthermore, other focus of the Special Collection is collecting missionary’s rubbings related to Macao, rare books, films, Chinese-English and Chinese-Portuguese dictionaries, modern newspapers, etc. We also cooperate with the National Library of China to access a substantial number of rubbings, which are important resources to the history of religion in Macao and Chinese-Western communication. In addition, the databases we purchased also contain abundant Macao research resources.

1.4 Rubbings

      We pay special attention to epigraphic rubbings on Central China, covering the period from Northern and Southern Dynasties to the Republic of China, with most emphasis on Tang Dynasty. Up to this day more than 1000 rubbings have been gathered, making it the largest collection in Macao. Among them, there are also rubbings with high literature and calligraphic art value.


2. Services

2.1 Appointment for in-Person Visiting

      Users can contact us in advance for in-person visiting.

Servicing hours: Monday to Friday 10:00-13:00 and 15:00-18:00 (except public holidays).

2.2 Online Consultations

      The online services include email and video consultations (if needed please contact us in advance).

Operating hours: Monday to Friday 10:00-13:00 and 15:00-18:00 (except on public holidays).

2.3 Resources Accessing

      The MUST Library provides reading service of Maps, Heungshan (Tong King Sing), Macao research, rubbings, and others resources.

2.4 Databases Consultation

      Part of Special Collection resources are available through our online databases:

Global Mapping of Macao (http://gmom.must.edu.mo/)

P. A. Crush & C.W. Kinder Digital Archive (http://crushandkinder.lib.must.edu.mo/)

Macau Image Gallery (http://mig.must.edu.mo/)

(If you have any enquiry please feel free to contact us).

2.5 Guided Tour for Exhibitions

      We provide on-site guided tours of exhibitions. Please apply in advance by email.

2.6 Special Research Consultation

      The Special Collection Department offers personalized research consultation to users to facilitate their studies. The consultative areas include old maps, Tong King Sing, Macao studies. To make an appointment, please contact us via email.


3. Contacts

  • Tel: (+853) 8897-2032
  • Email: library_spc@must.edu.mo
  • Location: Special Collection Area, 4th floor, N block Library Building, Macau University of Science and Technology.