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SOURCE: Web of Science, March 19, 2020

1. Morente-Molinera, J. A., Kou, G., Pang, C., Cabrerizo, F. J., & Herrera-Viedma, E. (2019). An automatic procedure to create fuzzy ontologies from users’ opinions using sentiment analysis procedures and multi-granular fuzzy linguistic modelling methods. Information Sciences476, 222-238.

2. Wu, H. C., Li, M. Y., & Li, T. (2018). A study of experiential quality, experiential value, experiential satisfaction, theme park image, and revisit intention. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research42(1), 26-73.

Latest Post

SOURCE: Web of Science, Apr 16, 2020

1. Lin, P., & Pang, Y. (2020). Command-and-control regulation, incentive for pollution abatement, and market structure. Journal of Regulatory Economics, Forthcoming.NEW

2. Ip, R. K. F., & Wagner, C. (2019). LibQual+® as a predictor of library success: Extracting new meaning through structured equation modeling. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 102102.NEW

3. Guo, X., Sun, Y., & Ren, J. (2020). Low dimensional mid-term chaotic time series prediction by delay parameterized method. Information Sciences516, 1-19. 

4. Li, Z., Ge, Y., Su, Z., & Huang, X. (2020). Audience leisure involvement, satisfaction and behavior intention at the Macau Science Center. The Electronic Library

5. Kaminishi, M., & Smith, A. D. (2020). Western Debates About Chinese Entrepreneurship in the Treaty Port Period, 1842–1911. Enterprise & Society21(1), 134-169.

6. Chang, P. C., Wu, T., & Du, J. (2020). Psychological contract violation and patient’s antisocial behaviour. International Journal of Conflict Management.

7. Pan, W., Sun, L. Y., & Lam, L. W. (2020). Employee–organization exchange and employee creativity: a motivational perspective. The International Journal of Human Resource Management31(3), 385-407.

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9.Sio-Chong, U., & So, Y. C. (2020). The impacts of financial and non-financial crises on tourism: Evidence from Macao and Hong Kong. Tourism Management Perspectives33, 100628.

10. Chen, L., Li, Z., Lv, M., & Xiong, M. (2020). Intelligent prediction algorithm of economic trend index based on rough set support vector machine. Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems38(1), 147-153.

11. Chen, S., Chen, H. H., & Shen, T. (2020). Suitable business models for innovation in different levels of the smart grid energy industry. Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy39(1), 13275.


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