MUST Library guideline on partial reopening

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MUST Library Guideline on Partial Reopening


In accordance with relevant policies, MUST Library will provide limited in-library services while maintaining normal online services during the period when the epidemic is not fully resolved. We will closely monitor the situation and adjust the opening measures according to the actual situation and the latest policy. We will inform you of any changes. 

  1. Opening time: According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, the latest announcement time shall prevail.
  2. Requirements:

• Admission is limited to staff and students with university campus card (original). 

• You must wear a mask and take the temperature before entering the library. Those who fail to meet the regulations are not allowed to enter the library. 

• The library will control the number of users in the library according to the epidemic situation. It is tentatively determined that the number of users in N Library at the same time should not exceed 733, and the number of users in the study area of I03 should not exceed 179. Otherwise, patrons will be suspended from entering the library until some other patrons leave. 

• The library has increased the number of reading tables in order to meet patrons' study needs and epidemic control requirements. At the same time, in order to maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter, it is recommended that each table of six people should not be used by more than four people. 

3. Service Content

• Online e-resource services are normal as usual. 

• Book lending and return services. The Library will enable the "scan the code to borrow books" service in the new school year, which allows patrons to scan the code to check out books in the library with WeMUST, reducing the gathering and contact with people. 

• Reference services are normally open during service hours, including consulting services, document delivery service, citation report service and academic misconduct detection service, etc. 

• The Library has and will launch more online and self-service services, such as room self-service reservation, computer seat reservation, cloud printing, etc., to ensure that patrons can use the equipment and services in the library in a safe and hygienic condition. 

• The room borrowing service can be reserved by self-service, but only for one person. It is divided into two periods: morning and afternoon. Each period can only be used once, and it can only be used again after disinfection time from 13:00 to 13:30. 

4. Consulting ways:

• Tel: (+853) 8897 2086

• Email:

5. others:

• Do not gather and avoid staying in the library for long periods of time.  

• Wash hands frequently to maintain personal and public health safety.  

• In case of physical discomfort or special conditions, please inform the library staff immediately and truthfully.  

• You are welcome to use ultraviolet disinfection equipment on the first floor of the library.  

•Patrons must use the campus card to enter the library. Registration of personal information on the table is not available.  

• The library's online resources and related service platforms are operating normally.  

• The latest arrangements and news will be posted to the library's official website, Wechat official account (MUSTLIB) and other social service platforms.  

• The library will adjust the service guidelines in light of the development of the epidemic and the university's arrangements.  

* The Library reserves the right to interpret the above rules *  

MUST Library

12th Aug, 2021