Library’ s External User Service

Library of Macau University of Science and Technology was founded in 2000, and the new library building has been used since 2010. On resources, there are near 230,000 printed books and 800,000 e-books. The library has purchased more than 50 kinds of databases. At the same time, we are cooperating with some famous academic libraries and organizations in the Great China, such as Peking University,Hong Kong Chinese University, Taiwan University Libraries.

MUST Library opened to public from 2003. Visitors could read books, periodicals, and newspaper in the library but could not check out items.

Now, in order to satisfy the public’s needs of knowledge and encourage them to read more, we plan to open more library resources to Macao residents and institutions. So we provide the External user and Institutional User Lending Service, including reading in library, circulation services, reference services, and document delivery services.



Caution fee(MOP)

Card Issuing fee(MOP)





MUST Library

Alumni Card Holder



100.00 for a card



Local Resident


100.00 for a card


Non-resident worker


100.00 for a card


Institutional User





A.  Library’s External User Card Application

  • Prerequisites:
  1. Individual applicants must be MUST Alumni association members, Macau Residents, or Non-resident worker. Institution users should be a school, a hospital, business, a society or an organization with representation in Macau.
  2. Fill out the “Application Form of MUST External Library Card” which could be downloaded from MUST Website
  3. Library approved the application, then applicant could summit the approved applicant form, pay the caution fee and card issuing fee at the Block N Accounts Office Service Counter.
  4. Institutional User can download the "Application Form of MUST Institutional User Library Card.
  5. The Library will reply within six working days upon receipt of the application.
  6. Submission of documents or collecting of Library Borrower’s Card should be made during the Circulation office hours.
  • Application Requirements (apply at the library circulation counter)
  1. Macau permanent residents’ I.D. Card (and Alumni card) .
  2. Fill out “application form of MUST external library card”.
  3. Bring the original and a copy of your personal ID card or Alumni card.
  4. Caution fee and card issuing fee receipt.

B. The Cancellation of Library’s External User Card

  1. Please come in person to the library circulation desk to return your card during office hours.
  2. Fill out the form “Cancellation Form of MUST External Library Card” which could be downloaded from MUST Website .
  3. The Library card, the cancellation form, caution fee receipt, bank book copy with the account information, the original and a copy of your personal ID card should be submitted to the Library for the library card account cancellation and the caution fee refund.
  4. All the borrowed material must be returned and all penalties should be cleared before the cancellation.
  5.  The refund will be auto paid to the user bank account in one month.
  6.  MUST Library reserve the right of revising and editing the cancellation policy.

C.  The Services provided to Library’s External User

  1. Reading Services
  • Users could read books and use the library equipments in the library.
  1. Circulation Services
  1. Database Services
  • External users can use the electronic resources with the ownership by MUST Library, except for the subscribed databases, according to the licensing restrictions and the Macau Intellectual Property Law.
  1. Reference Services
  • Please send us your question by email ( ) or phone call (88972326), or come to MUST library in person.
  1. Document Delivery Services
  • Please send us the document information by email ( ) or phone call (88972326), or come to MUST library in person. Generally, the full texts will send to the users by email. 

D.   Remarks 

  • Borrowing privilege: 3 items (except theses and dissertations of MUST).
  • Each Institutional User can apply 3 Library’s Borrow Cards.
  • Borrowers are responsible for returning their loans on or before the due date. Otherwise an accumulated fine will be calculated on a daily basis of MOP2.00.
  • External user library card is for the applicant only. If a loan item is damaged or lost, the user must pay for a replacement cost according to MUST Library Circulation Rule.
  • If the Library’s Borrow Card is damaged or lost, should pay MOP100.00 for a re-issuing.
  • The overdue fines or replacement cost must be cleared before the next borrow.
  • The period of External User Library card is 1 year and the institutional user is 2 years. A renewal application should be requested in 30 days before the expired date.
  • Applicant should keep the caution fee receipt.
  • If the validity of the library card has expired for a period superior to 2 months, or if the library cannot contact the user for any reason beyond its control, the user should be aware that the caution fee will be donated to MUST Alumni Association. If there is any remaining unpaid fine, the caution fee will cover it. If the caution fee is not sufficient to cover it, MUST will reserve the right of retroactivity.
  • MUST Library reserves the right of revising and editing the loan rules.


MUST Library