Regulation for Reading Seats Management of Macau University of Science and Technology Library

A. Purpose

In order to develop a good reading environment, fair use of reading seats. Macau University of Science and Technology Library (Hereinafter referred to as MUST Library), reading seats management method is being formulated as below:


B. Seating Method

1. Library opening period, Reading seats in the library (Including Block N Library and I03 Library study area) are available for all users, Seating principle is "First come, first served".

2. Do not occupy seats in advanced or help others to occupy seats, and do not store personal belongings overnight.

3. Temporarily leaving is limited to 30 minutes, users need to back to seat within 30 minutes. MUST Library has been entitled to handle the occupied items according to the Regulation for Seat Occupancy Prevention of Macau University of Science and Technology Library”.

4. Please make sure to take all belongings with you when you leave the seat.

5. Please contact the library staff in case of occupation, do not handle it without authorization.

6. Library as a public place, do not make any noise and not to affect other users.

7. Please take care for all the library facilities and equipment. If any damage, compensation shall be according to actual price.

8. Please keep your seat clean, and take personal belongings and trash when you leave the seat.


C. Others

1. Please take care of your belongings, users will be solely responsible for any subsequent consequences that may arise.

2. All seat occupancy items left in the library are placed at library 1F Circulation Service Counter, users must claim with campus card or other identification documents. Personal belongings that not retrieved within 3 months will be treated as unclaimed items.

3. If reading seats is not used in accordance with the relevant regulations of the library, MUST library has been entitled to deal with the situation according to the severity. If the situation is deteriorating, it will be referred to the relevant departments.

4. MUST library has been entitled to supervise and manage the use of Reading seats.

5. Matters not covered by this regulation, Follow the "MUST Library Regulations" and "MUST Library Guides".


D. Contacts

  • Tel: (+853) 8897 2086
  • E-mail:

* In case of any additional terms and conditions, MUST library reserves the final interpretation *


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