Guideline for Reading Seats Service at Macau University of Science and Technology Library

A. Purpose

In order to develop a good reading environment, especially for fair and effective use of reading seats, Macau University of Science and Technology Library (abbr. MUST Library) formulated this guideline for Reading Seats Service as below:


B. How to use the reading seats

1. During the opening period the reading seats in the library (including Block N Library and I03 Library study area) are available for all users, by following the principle of first-come, first-served.

2. It’s NOT allowed to improper occupy (see C.1) any seat either for oneself or for someone else.

3. The user can temporarily leave the seat and should be back within 30 minutes. After 30 minutes recorded, MUST Library has the right to deal with the unattended personal belonging(s) and release the seat to other users.

4. Please take all the belongings with you when stop using and leave the seat.

5. Please contact the library staff when you encounter the behavior of Improper Occupancy, please do not handle it by yourself without authorization.

6. Library is a public place, please be decent and do not make noise or disturb others.

7. Please take good care for all the library facilities and equipment. The user shall be liable for compensation if damage is caused by improper use.

8. Please keep the seat clean, and take away the trash when leaving the seat.


C. Improper Occupancy

1. Improper Occupancy of a seat is to occupy a seat by leaving unattended personal belonging(s) (UPB).

2. When library staff finds the seat is occupied with unattended personal belongings, an "Improper Occupancy Reminder" with a specific date and time will be attached to the seat while photos will be taken for evidence. It will be considered as an Improper Occupancy if the reminder or and the unattended personal belongings are found without any change when it is 30 minutes later.

3. Once it is deemed as an Improper Occupancy, the library staff have the right to clean up the unattended items into a sealed bag with the seat number and transfer to the Circulation Services Counter at MUST Library in Block N, leaving a note of “Claiming of the unattended items of Improper Occupancy” attached to the seat to inform the user to fetch his/her unattended items.

4. Retrieval of the unattended items

  • a. Please go to Circulation Services Counter at MUST Library in Block N to retrieve the unattended items, providing your campus card or other identification documents, the seat number, and describing your unattended belongings.
  • b. Library Staff will check the user name, campus card number, telephone number, seat number and/or other related information.
  • c. The user should carefully check his/her unattended belongings, and signed the “Declaration Statement” after confirmation.
  • d. After the user signs the “Declaration Statement”, he/she can take back his/her unattended belongings.

5. Improper Occupancy records and punishment

The library will keep the improper occupancies records, and will take corresponding penalties according to the times and severity.

  • a. First Time: the Improper Occupant will receive a courtesy reminder.
  • b. Second Time: The library will informed the Student Affairs Office about the Improper Occupancy record according to the Articles 3.3.3, 3.3.8 & 3.3.14 in the MUST Student Handbook.
  • c. The record will be submitted to the MUST Student Discipline and Awards Committee according to the severity.

D. Others

  1. Please take good care of your personal belongings and carry your valuables with you. If not, the user is responsible for his/her personal loss it may cause.
  2. When receiving a report of improper occupancy, the library staff will follow the procedure, attach the "Improper Occupancy Reminder" on the seat first, and then remove the unattended items and release the seat after 30 minutes.
  3. The user should follow the library regulations and guidelines, whether the user sign the “Declaration Statement” or not.
  4. The library will keep the unattended items in sealed bags at the Circulation Services Counter for three months. If the items are still unclaimed after three months, they will be discarded as abandons. Foods and drinks will be discarded on the next day if unclaimed.
  5. Matters not covered by this guideline shall be handled in accordance with "MUST Library Regulations" and "MUST Library Guides".

E. Contacts

  • Tel: (+853) 8897 2086
  • E-mail:

* In case of any additional terms and conditions, MUST library reserves the final interpretation *


MUST Library

6th Jan., 2022