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AJE Digital Editing Free Trial for MUST

AJE Digital Editing is available for MUST researchers. Instructions are as follows.
1)    Click "Register" in the upper right corner of the link http://www.aje.com/c/must to register for an account.
2)    Find "Digital Editing" and upload your manuscript, which will take about 10 minutes to download the edited paper.
3)    Access available until July 10, 2022



What is AJE  Author Services

1.  About AJE

Founded in 2004 in Durham, North Carolina, USA, AJE is now a brand of Springer Nature Publishing Group. Since its inception, AJE has served tens of thousands of researchers around the world, and the company's professional editorial team comes from top universities and research institutes across the United States and is still active in their respective disciplines, providing a full range of one-stop scientific publication support services, including journal recommendation, language editing, academic translation, and formatting, etc. The AJE editorial team has accumulated years of experience in serving Chinese authors and is familiar with the expression of Chinese authors. Currently, AJE has served more than 800 Chinese universities and research groups, and has edited more than 450,000 papers and helped Chinese research to gain higher international influence.


2.  Macau Researchers Special Discount

AJE offers 10% discount for Macau researchers. The discount is automatically applied when you register your account and submit an article at http://www.aje.com/c/Macau. AJE has the following author services.



In addition to human editing services, AJE offers AI tools, including language assessment tool and digital editing tool. For more information on services and prices, please visit www.aje.com


3.  Contact us

1)    Online Chat with support team at www.aje.com (Click the button in the lower right corner)
2)    Email: support@aje.com


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