Citation Search Service

MUST Library provides citation search service. According to applicant’s demand for citation search reports, we will search within the following databases and provide a report: SCIE、SSCI、CPCI -S、CPCI-SSH、CSCD、EI、CSSCI.

The service guide is as following:

  1. The applicant should be a faculty member or a student of MUST.
  2. The paper must be written by the applicant.
  3. Please send the requests to the email address:
    The papers’ information should be included, such as the title, the author name, the journal/proceeding information.
  4. The final report will be sent to the applicant’s email as PDF file.
  5. Please be noted that we need time to produce the reports. Urgent requests may not be fulfilled during a large number of requests.

The report is based on the data from databases. We are not responsible for any loss caused by incorrect data.

MUST Library