About us

djt.gifBrief introduction

Macau University of Science and Technology Library was founded in the year 2000 at the same time as the University. After more than twenty years of development, the total amount of current collection is more than 8 million items, which include 1.67 million books(include e-books), 80,000 journals (including full-text electronic journals), 1.8 thousand newspapers, 6 million digital dissertations, more than 200 electronic databases, and 8 thousand multimedia resources. MUST Library is committed to the development of collections and building resource sharing relationships with various libraries in great China. The National Library of China, Peking University Library, China Academic Humanities and Social Sciences Library (CASHL), China Academic Library and Information System (CALIS), China Academic Digital Associative Library(CADAL), The Chinese University of Hong Kong Libraries, National Taiwan University Library and many other libraries.

djt.gifLibrary Building

The library is a five-story building, officially put into use in January 2010, with a total construction area of ​​over 20,000 square meters. Library service area is located in the first to the fourth floor of the building, with service area 9,000 square meters, designed to accommodate 350,000 books, about 1,077 reading seats, 10 group discussion rooms, conference rooms for different numbers of people, 11 personal study rooms and 1 mini-theater. In order to strengthen the construction of electronic resources and services throughout the building covers a wireless network, and set up more than 169 Internet computer seats, allowing readers to any location in the library and free access to the Internet at any time, timely access to information.

The library has information commons, discussion rooms, for the patron to interact. A multimedia classroom is also available in the library for information literacy teaching purposes. It contains 56 computer seats.

The library has a new self-study area in Area I03 in September 2019, it contains 300 reading seating, 5 group discussion rooms, self-service printers .


djt.gifVision & Missions


To be one of the first-class university libraries in China's mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, the MUST Library advances the collections, services, teaching and research through innovative technology and extensive cooperation, to ensure the excellency of the university.


1. Library Resources Center for the University
    We ensure the university members can access the library resources anytime and anywhere when they need to.

2. Learning Commons for the University
    We provide better spaces of learning and communication for the various needs of university members.

3. Information Literacy Training Center for the University
    We provide information literacy teaching to promote the information skills and academic norms to achieve life-long learning.

4. Teaching and Research Support Center for the University
    We provide the supporting services to the enhance the effectiveness and effiencency of the teaching and research activities of the university.

5. Special Collection Development and Research Center for the University
    We provide distinctive special collections and services to support the teaching, learning and research of the university, in both digital and physical forms.

6. Teaching & Reference Materials Service Center for the University
    We provide the ordering service for the teaching & reference materials of the cources and programs.

7. Archives Management Center for the University
    We provide the University Archives collection and services.


Library service philosophy is to be "High-Tech, High-Touch", the core value is "user-oriented". Macau University of Science and Technology Library adopted Alma, the most advanced New Generation Library Services Platform (NGLSP) in the world from the year 2019. And it is the first academic library in Macao successfully and completely implement RFID technology in the year 2009. Purposes for adopting new technologies are to let patrons feeling more convenient and comfortable to enjoy library services.

Macau University of Science and Technology Library is rooted in the university through the continuous development of collections, the enriching of resources for high quality teaching and research literature resources for teachers and students;

  • Through innovative services, we intend to nurture students to become all-around developed, life-long learning professionals.
  • Through continuous improvement of the service environment and imperceptible influence the reader's temperament and taste, we intend for patrons to keep a good style of study.
  • Committed to inter-library cooperation, to promote "Building of knowledge, the idea of ​​sharing".

The Macau University of Science and Technology Library is in 2019 to further open up the library resources, invite the people of Macao and institutions to become MUST campus readers, including local organizations or institutions, such as schools, hospitals, businesses. We want to convey knowledge for people with life-long learning resources and places for government, education, enterprises and institutions to provide training and research data. We aim to improve the competitiveness of the whole, to create distinctive, influential and integral members of society.

The MUST Library Staff welcomes and is with pleasure offering our sincere services to the patrons.