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釘_0.pngCode of User Conduct

  1. Students, teachers, staff of Macau University of Science and Technology with valid campus cards or visitors with valid institutional library cards are entitled to enter and use the resources and facilities of the Library.

  2. Public order shall be observed at all times at the library to keep a comfortable environment for reading and study.

  3. All library items on the open stacks are available for reading, and should be placed on the nearest book cart when used.

  4. Users must not mark, annotate, deface, mutilate or damage the library property.

  5. All computers equipped in the Library are only for learning purposes. Users are not allowed to play games or to browse prohibited web pages.

  6. No library items shall be taken out from the Library until they have been properly checked out at the Circulation Counter. If the exit alarm is triggered, users should co-operate with the Library staff for inspection.

  7. The Library is not liable for any loss or damage to personal property. Individuals are responsible for their personal property at all times and should not leave personal property unattended.


釘_0.pngCirculation Service


  1. The borrower must show his/her valid campus card or institutional library card at the Circulation Services Counter or use Self-Check kiosks, in order to borrow library items.

  2. General books and their attachments (such as CD-Roms, diskettes) are available for borrowing. Further, some of the other collections can also be borrowed for a stipulated temporary loan period. 

  3. Borrowing quotas and loan period for different borrowers are as follows:




General Books & Attachments

Back Issues

New Arrivals/

Macao Books/


Pre-university student





Undergraduate student















Teacher & Staff






  1. Borrowers must make sure that the library items on loan are in good condition before they leave the Circulation Counter.

-Requesting -

  1. Borrowers may request a library item which is borrowed by another user. The Library will inform the user by his/her campus e-mail when the item is returned. The item will be reserved for 3 days from, and including, the first e-mail notice being sent out.

  2. A first-come-first-served policy will be adopted in sending e-mail notices if very many borrowers request the same item.


  1. Borrowers may renew the library item on loan for unlimited number of times and the loan period remains the same.

  2. No item on loan will be renewed if it has been requested or is overdue.


  1.  Recalling only applies to the 90 days loan term items, and will be active only 60 days after being borrowed. Patron(s) can recall the checked-out item he/she needs urgently, and the current borrower may return the item at his/her first convenience.


  1. The borrowed item(s) should be returned on or before the due date.

  2. A fine will be levied for overdue items. If the item(s) is/are returned in 3 days after the due date, the fine may be waived; otherwise the fine will be accumulated on a daily basis from the first day overdue.

  3. When a due date for returning falls on a public holiday or a university holiday, borrowers may return the library items on the first working day after the holiday.


釘_0.pngInter-Library Loan

  1. The Library users may borrow books from the cooperating libraries of other institutions, with an institutional library card.

  2. The institutional library card can be borrowed at the Circulation Counter.

  3. Users must observe and comply with the rules and regulations of the cooperating libraries.


釘_0.pngReference and Instructional Services

23. Reference and instructional services are designed to assist library users in the successful retrieval of information for their curricular and research needs, and to prepare them to be effective, life-long users of information in its many forms and contexts. The services vary in different types as follows:

(1) General Reference Service
Librarians help the users to make effective use of the library's resources by advising them on the use of the reference tools and suggesting appropriate databases for specific subject area. The service will be conducted at the Reference Counter in person, or by e-mail, or over the telephone

(2) Library Orientation Program
This program is designed to help students make effective use of the library resources, services and facilities by ‘show and tell’. The freshmen library orientation will be offered at the beginning of every academic year. Users may also request to have a library orientation.

(3) Library Instruction Service
This service is geared specifically to the research needs of library users, offers course-related instruction, drop-in workshops, and online materials designed to teach students about information access, evaluation and use. It draws on the full range of resources available through books, journals, electronic sources, and non-print media.


釘_0.pngAcquisition Recommendation

  1. Users are welcome to give suggestions and recommendations to the Library on its collection development via


釘_0.pngWeb page and online services

  1. Electronic resources may be accessed via the library web page, whilst printed collections may be searched and request via the Web Public Access Catalogue (WebPAC) of the Library. Users may also visit “My Library” to view personal records, renew books. The web pages are as follows:


Web Pages


Library Home page


My Library


  1. The library subscribed databases are ONLY for the use of the university members. Users may access the databases via internet at home, on the campus or from any other places. The user account and password to the databases authentication are identical with those of his/her university e-mail account.


釘_0.pngDiscussion Room Booking Service

  1. There are discussion rooms in the library available for free booking. Group discussion rooms and study rooms can hold 3-6 persons, while meeting rooms can hold 7 people or more.

  1. Users should make reservations at the Circulation Counter. For details, please refer to the User Guide to the Discussion Room Service.

釘_0.pngOther Services

-Access to the Internet -

  1. Free Internet access computers are provided at the Information Commons in the Library.

  2. A WI-FI service is also available and free in the entire Library Building. Some of reading carrels are also installed with network cables and power sockets, with which users may use their own laptops.

-Self-service Printing-

  1. Self-service printers are available at the library and this printing service may be used after value has been added to personal printing accounts with the value-added vouchers purchased, or use Macaupass (must more than MOP10) to print. Details at web page And details of operation and regulations are subject to updates made by the University.

-Self-served Photocopying-

  1. Self-service photocopiers are available at the Library. Details about operation and regulations are subject to updates by the University.

  2. Users can use Macaupass (must more than MOP10) to photocopy.

  3. All users must observe strictly the copyright laws of Macao SAR when reproducing library materials. Violators are fully responsible for any legal consequences and prosecutions arising from infringement of applicable copyright law.

-Self-service Scanning-

  1. Self-service scanners are available at the Library. Details about the operation and regulations, please refer to the promotion materials at the Library. 


  1. Students who are photocopying, scanning or duplicating resources from the Library should oblige to the law of the Macao SAR regarding to copyrights in order to avoid violating the law.

  2. Multi-media materials at the Library are all copyrighted edition, which can only be used for academic and research purposes rather than any profitable activities. Compact Disc materials without the label of “Publicized” cannot be used in public occasions after being borrowed.

  3. Students will be liable to any legal consequences caused by their own actions.


釘_0.pngInfringement and Penalties

  1. For the rights of, and in the interests of, all the users, the rules and regulations of the library shall be observed. The Library will take action against offenders, based on its stipulations.

*The Library reserves the right to interpret the above regulations.*

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Revised on: MAR 17, 2021