1.     All users of the Library shall observe and comply with this set of rules.

2.    Public order shall be observed at all times in the library to keep a comfortable environment for reading and study.

2.1.   Users must keep the library clean at all times;

2.2.  Smoking, eating and drinking are strictly prohibited. No beverages or food, aside from water in sealed bottles, are allowed in the Library.

2.3.  Silence must be observed, so no user may talk aloud or roar in the Library. Mobile phones or other communication devices must be muted or switched off before entering the Library. Headsets must be used when listening to or watching audio-visual materials. Pets should not be brought to the Library.

2.4.   Illegal reservation of reading space or sleeping is prohibited in the Library.

3.     Care must be taken of all library items and facilities in the Library.

3.1.    Users must not mark, annotate, deface, mutilate or damage any library items. Offenders are required to pay for the cost of replacing the items.

3.2.    Except for laptops, no plug-in electronic device is allowed in the library. Unauthorized use of electrical or network cables is strictly prohibited. Offenders are required to pay for the cost of replacing the property or equipment damaged or destroyed.

3.3.    Computers equipped in the Library or personal laptops are ONLY for learning purposes, and should not be used to play games or browse websites with violent, indecent or pornographic contents.

3.4.    Users must not take out any library item from of the Library without having it checked out.

4.     The loan item should be returned to the Library before it is overdue, otherwise an accumulated fine will be calculated on a daily basis of MOP2.00. All items must be returned and overdue fines must be paid before graduation, or else the fines will be directly deducted from the caution fee without further notice. If the amount of fines exceeds the caution fees, students would be considered as failing to pay outstanding fees. It may affect the student’s status or the issuance of degree / diploma certificate will be delayed.

5.     If the item is overdue for 60 days, it will be assumed to be lost. The user shall pay for a replacement cost, as stipulated in article 6 as below.

6.     If a loan item is damaged or lost, the user must pay for a replacement cost which will be calculated as follows:

6.1.     Replacement may be made by the user or through the Library:

A)  Through the Library. The user shall pay for all the replacement costs incurred (including the shipment fee) and a processing cost of MOP50 for each item.

B)  By the user. The user shall purchase the library item in an identical version and return it to the Library within one month and present a valid invoice as proof. The replacement cost will be waived when the Library accepts the item. But the processing cost of MOP50 for each item will not be waived.  If the user fails to replace the library item within one month, the overdue fine of this month will also be calculated, as stipulated in Article 4.

6.2.     When the damaged or lost item is a part of a multi-volume work, the user shall pay for the cost of replacing the whole set. Both the replaced and original set will remain the property of the Library.

6.3.     When the library item cannot be replaced, the user shall be liable to fines that are at least 2 times (evaluated by the Library) as the original price or at least 3 times when the item is a course reserve or a non-circulation (i.e. reserve) material.

6.4.     A minimum fee of MOP50 will be charged for any replacement cost.

6.5.     When loss or damage is reported by the user after the due date, the overdue fine will be calculated, as stipulated in Article 4.

6.6.     If the lost library item is found later, the user shall return it to the Library because the item continues to remain the property of the Library even if replacement costs have been paid. All sums paid are non-refundable.

7.     In order to protect the rights and interests of all users, the borrowing privileges of the user whose fine(s) is/are not cleared will be suspended.

8.     All library users should follow the instructions on the proper use of the Library as displayed in the Library or given verbally by the Library staff or security guards. The Library is empowered to record the violator’s name and relevant information, and to suspend his/her borrowing privileges for 30 days or more according to the gravity of the offence. In cases of serious misconduct, the library will refer to the supervision division(s) of the University, and refer to the police if the library user is involving in criminal responsibility.


*The Library reserves the right to interpret the above regulations.*


University Library

Revised on: May 17, 2019