How to search Cited Times of ESI?

Cited times of ESI integrate the index of three sub databases SCIE, SSCI, A&HCI. And the cited times of Web of Science core collection consist of eight sub databases SCIE, SSCI, A&HCI, ESCI, CPCI-S, CPCI-SSH, BKCI-S, BKCI-SSH. So the cited times searched on the platform of Web of Science is not the exact cited times of ESI.

The platform of ESI does not provide the query function of searching the ESI cited times of one specific article. If you want to search the ESI cites times of one article, you need to search it as the following steps:

1.Sign in database Web of Science at University Website:

 2.Search the article required, ensure the article is indexed in SCIE, SSCI, A&HCI, and the article type must be Article or Review.

 3.Find the article in the searching result list, and click Time Cited(from Web of Science Core Collection).

4.Click “View additional times Cited Counts” at the left side of the page, then you get  the complete times cited counts.

 5.“All Times Cited Counts”shows the citation index of ESI, in another words, it’s the citation index of combination of SCIE, SSCI, A&HCI.

 6.In this case, 1242 is the ESI cited times of the specific article.