Notice on Extension of Textbook Ordering Period for the 1st Semester of Academic Year 2021/2022 (Only for Current Students)

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    The textbook ordering activity for new semester is underway. In order to better meet the ordering needs of our students, the textbook ordering time is accordingly extended from the original deadline of 26 May to extend the time of 1 June. Students need to log on to the WeMust Student App "MUST books" to order textbooks for the new semester before the latest deadline (1 June 24:00).


1. Only paid orders will take effect. Unpaid orders for more than 2 hours during this textbook ordering period will be automatically cancelled by the system.
2. The principle of distribution: according to the order of payment. Please order your textbooks as soon as possible.
3. Except for the extension of textbook ordering period, the ordering rules, regulations, instructions, details and so on still remain unchanged. For more textbook ordering information, please refer to the "Reminders on Book Ordering, Payment and Collection" and "Notice on Textbook Ordering for the 1st Semester of Academic Year 2021/2022".
4. Any questions about textbook information, please check with the faculties; if you have any questions about ordering and receiving textbooks, you can directly email to the Library TextbookService(

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