Notice on Textbook Ordering for the 1st Semester of Academic Year 2021/2022 O nly For New Students of Postgraduate Programs)

Start date
End date

Welcome to Macau University of Science and Technology! Textbook ordering for new students of postgraduate programs is about to begin. Students who need to order textbooks please log on to WeMust Student App "MUST books" to order textbooks for the new semester. All textbooks in the "MUST books" are assigned by the faculties or lectures, and the subscription order service is provided by the library.

I. Order time
Tuesday 8 June 2021 00:00 to Monday 14 June 2021 24:00

II. Purchase way and payment method
Log on to WeMust Student App "MUST books" to order textbooks and pay directly through MUST Pay.
( Note: The wallet balance will be increased to MOP5,000.00 during the ordering period)

III. Order Methods
1. Download and successfully install the latest version of WeMust Student App.
2. Enter your account and passwords to log on to WeMust Student App. And the account and passwords can be found in OAS.
3. Order Guide Description: Students who log on to WeMust Student App "MUST books " →Upper left 「≡」 →My Orders will see a reference order automatically generated by the system. And students can modify this order as needed, such as cancel, replace (eBooks), add, etc. After the order is confirmed finally, students need to use MUST Pay to pay for their orders Only paid orders will take effect. For more details, please log on to "MUST books" and refer to "Textbooks Ordering Guide for New Students of Postgraduate Programs" under “Help”.
4. Important reminder: Only below faculties and programs have provided booklists for their new students, and students from the other programs which are not in the below list do not need to order textbooks.


Remark: To find your booklist, please login to the official website of MUST→ Library → Textbook Service → Latest books. Or login to the WeMust Student App "MUST books" books"→Upper left 「≡ 」 →Help

IV. Pick up Time and Place
Time: During the in-person registration process.
Place: Block N

V. Notes
1. Unpaid orders can be modified at any time during the order period; Paid orders cannot be modified, returned or replaced. Payments are non refundable.
2. It is not guaranteed that all the textbooks will arrive before the beginning of the semester due to shortages of publishers, transportation or bad weather and other unexpected circumstances.
3. If the amount paid needs to be increased or refunded due to the faculty replacement of textbooks or the publisher's adjustment of price, please log on to WeMust Student App to check the bill and make up the price difference or refund in time.
4. Textbooks are distributed according to the order of payment.
5. If students do not pick up textbooks on time, they have to pay a storage fee ac cording to the regulation.
6. For more details, please log on to "MUST and refer to " Reminders on Book Ordering, Payment and Collection" under “Help”.

VI. Special Reminders
1. Textbooks are ordered by the library on behalf of students from the publishers or booksellers. Due to the policy restrictions of the publishers, textbooks cannot be returned and refunded for any reason. Please choose your textbooks carefully when ordering.
2. According to the protection of intellectual property rights agreements, please be aware that if you possess, use or sell any books that violate copyright policies or are photocopied, you may be subject to violation of Macau law if discovered.
3. If students have any questions about textbook information, please check with the faculties ; if you have any questions about ordering and receiving textbooks, you can directly email to the Library Textbook Service (

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